Opening in the spring: Aleksanterinkatu 13: A future-oriented sustainable retail concept and meeting place

We are opening a future-oriented sustainable retail concept and meeting place in central Helsinki later in the spring. We are taking over a historic building owned by Ilmarinen and previously occupied by department store Aleksi 13. We will bring together a variety of players in fashion, design, arts, industrial innovation and culture, who share a vision of a sustainable future.

"Climate change is an unquestionable and ever present truth, yet fully understanding it is complicated. We hope our two-storey concept store will give  consumers the opportunity to both pose questions and find answers. How can we get involved and understand our role as human beings in terms of environmental, social and societal responsibility? How can we make better consumer decisions in our everyday life?" - Mirkku Kullberg

A strong desire to bring central Helsinki to life

A notable property investor inFinland, Ilmarinen owns several historically important buildings in the heart of Helsinki. Sustainability plays a key part in all its investment decisions and collaboration with tenants.


The global transformation of retail has made its mark on Helsinki, too. The rise of shopping centres and changing urban cultures have fragmented traditional city centres. The pandemic altered the urban environment within weeks and continues to disrupt it today.


This situation calls for a brand new approach. Glasshouse Helsinki and Ilmarinen both want to inject new life into the city.


”It’s great to see such novel concepts emerge in the city, which combine business and sustainability. We want to contribute to the vitality of central Helsinki, while managing the life cycle of properties from the sustainability perspective, Ilmarinen’s Letting Manager Ville Laurila says.


”Here at Glasshouse Helsinki we are interested in bringing the latest industrial innovations and scientific perspectives to the general public, generating genuine dialogue and enterprise at all levels. We want to introduce sustainability to people’s everyday

lives and the very core of their thinking, simultaneously appealing to emotions and making the complex accessible.After these long months with the coronavirus, we must build hope for the future.It’s time for concrete action,” Kullberg claims.


Aleksanterinkatu 13 is one of the most architecturally significant addresses in central Helsinki. The six-storey stone building was designed for commercial use by Selim A. Lindqvist in 1900, with large windows ideal for a department store.

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