Glasshouse Helsinki announces the opening of Lokal’s new shop, Lokal Aleksi, at Aleksanterinkatu 13, Helsinki

Glasshouse Helsinki has set out to create a new, centrally located meeting place in central Helsinki, which makes sustainable consumption, circular economy and local, responsible production and lifestyle easily accessible to all.

“We are proud to keep the wheels moving and continue celebrating the launch of Glasshouse Helsinki with the opening of Lokal Aleksi.”- Anna Vartiainen, Director of Communications at Glasshouse Helsinki

“We are proud to keep the wheels moving and continue celebrating the launch of Glasshouse Helsinki with the opening of Lokal Aleksi”, Director of Communications Anna Vartiainen says. Lokal Aleksi opens its doors already today, on April 8th.

This venture is the first of many announcements of the partners, collaborations and brands to be featured in the Glasshouse Helsinki location at Aleksanterinkatu 13, Helsinki.

Lokal Aleksi – one important step forward for Lokal and towards developing a livelier city center

For Lokal, the opening of the new shop is an important step forward. Lokal Aleksi is a new home to Finnish handicraft, artwork and sustainable design and will feature a wider product portfolio with a strong emphasis on local handcraft and sustainable design items in the homeware categories. The selection is made complete with select unique artwork. The store itself is designed by interior architect Hanni Koroma.

Glasshouse Helsinki wants to bring vitality to central Helsinki. In these times we need courage and hope for a better and more sustainable future. The opening of Lokal Aleksi is one of the many steps towards that goal.

“It has been great to see the energy and positive interest our launch last week generated. Glasshouse Helsinki keeps evolving, and our work has just begun. We are happy to see so many people taking interest in the project and we are eager to hear more ideas from our community in the future.” Vartiainen says.

Lokal is a part of Glasshouse Helsinki. The historical building on Aleksanterinkatu 13 will house a new type of store concept and a meeting place that will be launched later in the spring of 2021.

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