Alphabeths: U for Understanding

"Understanding is more than just knowing. It is more than adapting cold facts as it carries values with it."

After a long period of emphasising individual values, it istime to understand the power of shared values as well. Despite the wideness and complexity of the concept itself sustainability has become a shared value in driving positive change. The more people subscribe this principle the more successfully the change will proceed as a process which successfully combines a bottom-up approach to a top-down approach. As consumers more actively demand ethically produced products and services designers and manufacturers strive to answer to this demand.

In thousands of years philosophers have reflected the question of good life. It is evident that there is no simple answer to it. At the same time, it is self-evident that we have to start somewhere. A deeper understanding of the current situation we live in rises questions and brings together values that are indispensable.

In the middle of climate change and Covid-19 pandemic it is evident that sustainability is one of the core values helping us to find orientation to the future. It can help us to sift information to be able to construct both unique and ethically valid personal lifestyle supporting community wellbeing.

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